Software Development Laboratory 1 (ENVIAUAC09)


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Laboratory topics and dates

There will be 5 laboratories during the spring semester 2020, byweekly on Tuesdays at 14:15 in room IL208:

  • Microsoft SQL Server development (T-SQL): 2020. February 18.
  • Query optimization (Microsoft SQL Server): 2020. March 3.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services: 2020. March 17.
  • MongoDB database access in C#: 2020. March 31.
  • Entity Framework and REST APIs: 2020. April 21.


  • Please refer to the official data sheet of this course.
  • Important: You must prepare for the laboratories. Most of the material has been covered before; you are expected to know the technologies, techniques and be able to work on your own.
  • You must submit the results in the form as defined by the instructor at the end of the laboratory. You may continue working on your solution after the laboratory class. The deadline to submit your final solution is set by the laboratory instuctor.
  • You have to log in to submit the laboratory results under the My results page. You will see your graded result here as well.

Accessing the course material

Please log in to access the material. Use the "Bejelentkezés" button in the top right corner

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