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There will be a pre-exam (counted as a normal exam, but before the exam period). The place and time equal the retake of the Midterm test (20th of May, 12:15- in IB025).
(Mezei Gergely Dr., 2019.05.15. 15:37:31) · Bővebben »

Retake of the midterm

The repeat of the midterm will be held on 2019.05.20. from 12:15 in IB025.
(Mezei Gergely Dr., 2019.04.26. 13:18:00) · Bővebben »

Midterm test results

The result of the midterm test is available at the Moodle system (https://edu.vik.bme.hu/).
(Mezei Gergely Dr., 2019.04.14. 16:16:23) · Bővebben »

Midterm test

Date and place of the midterm test: 2019. 04. 10. 10:15-11:45 room Q.B203.
(Mezei Gergely Dr., 2019.03.20. 9:43:26) · Bővebben »