Basics of Programming 2 c. tárgyhoz tartozó hír

Dunaev Dmitriy Dr. fényképe

Midterm Test #2

Dunaev Dmitriy Dr., 2019. május 13.

Dear Students!

Let me remind you that the second Midterm Test will take place on Tuesday afternoon (May 14) 16:15-17:45. The place is QBF13 (Groups R4A, R4B) and QBF08 (Groups R4I, R4J). The sitting arrangement will be announced on the spot, so please come to the designated room no later than 16:00.

Instructions for the test:

  • Bring your Student ID card or Passport. You will not be allowed to take the test without having checked your identity.
  • Do not bring any unauthorized material (e.g. written notes, books, paper, sticky tape eraser, etc.)
  • Pencil cases and glasses cases must not be taken to your desks. They will be checked and moved away.
  • You are allowed to bring tissues and a drink (but not food) into the test.
  • Normally, you are required to answer questions using blue or black ink. Make sure you bring some spare pens with you. Do not use red ink and do not bring a pencil case.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is switched off and placed away. Possession of a mobile phone or any other communication device on the test is considered as cheating and will be prosecuted even if you claim of not having used it.
  • Remember that talking is not allowed at the test time. You are not permitted to share pens, paper or any other materials during the test.
  • If you have a question, raise your hand, and an instructor will come to you. The instructors will not give hints or answers, so please do not ask for them.
  • Keep your eyes on your own paper. Remember, copying is cheating!


Generally, students are strictly forbidden from adopting unfair means in the test. Cheating is not tolerated, and actions will be taken. The minimal penalty for cheating is a "fail" grade for the test and a report to the Dean's Office.