Basics of Programming 2 c. tárgyhoz tartozó hír

Dunaev Dmitriy Dr. fényképe

Midterm Test Notice

Dunaev Dmitriy Dr., 2018. március 8.

Dear Students,

This Notice is to inform you about the first midterm test in "Basics of Programming II" course that will be held on the 27th of March from 16:15 till 18:00 in QBF08 for both groups - AUT (Mr. Mohammad Saleem) and IIT (Mr. Márton Vaitkus).

The examination seating arrangement within the room will be fixed on the spot. Please take your seat at the midterm test in accordance with the arrangement.

The midterm test will cover the material till the week before March 27. Please note that the test questions may be drawn from any element of the course, including computer labs and lectures. The not taken or failed test can be repeated only once. The results will be announced at the Course Website. You can personally check you test booklets on the lecture following the test.

Administrative rules for the test:

  • You should attend the room and take the seat that was assigned to you.
  • You are responsible to bring a pen to the test. This will NOT be provided to you. Do not bring any paper, you will work only with the test booklet.
  • Prepare your ID card (passport, driver's licence) for identity check. Student ID Card cannot be used for identity check.
  • In order for the exam to be administered in a consistent fashion to all students, designated proctors will NOT offer any interpretation of any exam question or add additional information other than the information that is explicit in the test booklet.
  • At the end of the exam, the test booklet will be collected. Please do not forget to sign it.
  • If you finish with more than 20 minutes remaining, you may present your papers to a designated proctor and leave quietly. Otherwise please remain seated and follow the instructions of the designated proctors to return your test booklet.

Students are strictly forbidden from adopting unfair means in the midterm test. The following acts or activities shall be considered unfair means during the test: 

  • communicating with fellow students for obtaining help (for example, talking, eye contact, signaling, body language etc.);
  • copying from another student's test booklet or paper;
  • copying from printed matter, hand-written script, writing on desk or palm of hand, or from other incriminating documents;
  • possession of any incriminating document, whether used or not;
  • any other unruly behavior which is disruptive of the academic program.


If a student is detected by one of the designated proctors while adopting or to have adopted unfair means, he/she may be given a "Fail" grade for the midterm test or for the course at the discretion of the invigilator/the course teacher. Please remember that adoption of unfair means may result in the dismissal of the student from the program, and expulsion of the student from the University.