Basics of Programming 2 c. tárgyhoz tartozó hír

Dunaev Dmitriy Dr. fényképe

Laboratory Moved on April 12

Dunaev Dmitriy Dr., 2017. április 10.

Dear Students,

This is to remind you about the move of "Basics of Programming 2" laboratory class on Wednesday, April 12, 14:15-16:00.

  • Group 1 (instructor Mr. Khalid Kahloot) will be moved from QBF15 to the room IB145 (building I)
  • Group 2 (instructor Mr. Khalil Mebarkia) will be moved from QBF14 to the room QB205 (building Q)


It is a single occasion, all the following laboratory classes will take place in QBF14/15 as usually. The Wednesday seminar (16:15-18:00) will also take place in QBF15.