Microcontroller based systems c. tárgyhoz tartozó hír

Kiss Domokos fényképe

MBS Mid-term Test Information (Moodle Howto)

Kiss Domokos, 2020. október 20.

The mid-term test and the mid-term retake test will be organized online, using the BME VIK Moodle system.

The Moodle system can be accessed at https://edu.vik.bme.hu/, after logging in with the EDU ID the actual semester and courses are visible:


After selecting the Microcontroller Based Systems course from the "My courses" section or from the menu on the left, you can see its modules. Currently there is an "Example Test" and a "Mid-term Tests" module:


The "Mid-term tests" module will contain the actual mid-term test and retake test later.

In the "Example Test" module two Moodle quizzes can be found, which are intended for getting acquainted with the online test format and question types. These two quizzes correspond to the two parts of the real tests, which will have similar format. These example quizzes can be attempted several (unlimited) times. The real mid-term tests will allow only a single attempt.


If you click on the "Attempt quiz now" (or "Re-attempt quiz") button, the attempt is started. Before starting, a warning is displayed that there is a time limit and the timer cannot be paused or restarted during the attempt. You have to confirm in the popup that the attempt can be started.


The figure below shows the view of a single question during the attempt. Next to the question text, the maximum mark of the actual question can be seen in the gray box ("Marked out of 2.00" in the figure). The "Quiz navigation" panel on the left shows the number of questions, the remaining time and a possibility for finishing the attempt at any time.


The navigation method is different in the two parts of the mid-term test:

  • In Part 1 (Short Questions) the questions follow each other in sequential order and there is no possibility to return to previous pages once the "Next page" button is pressed.

  • In Part 2 (Elaboration Tasks) free navigation is possible, i.e. the student can go back and forth between the questions.

In both parts all students get the same questions but the order of questions can be different.

When the last question is finished or the "Finish attempt..." option was chosen, a summary page is shown where the "Submit all and finish" button must be pressed to finalize the attempt.


If the time limit expires while solving the tasks, the attempt is submitted automatically and the evaluation is based on the answers given so far.