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Kiss Domokos fényképe

MBS Mid-term Test Information and Rules

Kiss Domokos, 2020. október 20.

The mid-term test and the mid-term retake test will be organized online at the following dates and times:

  • Mid-term test: 2020.10.30 (Friday), 14:15 - 15:30

  • Mid-term retake test: 2020.11.06 (Friday), 14:15 - 15:30

The tests can be written using the BME VIK Moodle system. A guide on how to do this can be found here.

The tests consist of two parts which have the following properties:

  • Part 1 (Short Questions)

    • Includes 20 short questions (true/false, multiple choice or similar)

    • Each question values 2 points

    • Maximum score: 40 points

    • Time limit: 30 minutes

    • The questions can be answered only in sequential order. There is no possibility to return to a previous question.

    • Opens at the beginning of the timeframe (at 14:15)

  • Part 2 (Elaboration Tasks)

    • Includes 3 tasks which require calculation, short programming, explaining a given program snippet or writing text responses

    • Maximum score: 60 points (tasks can have different point values)

    • Time limit: 45 minutes

    • The tasks can be solved in any order. Navigating back and forth is possible.

    • For those tasks which require calculation, derivation or drawing, it is possible to upload attachments (e.g. a scanned copy or photo of derivations written on paper)

    • Opens after the timeframe of Part 1 (at 14:45)

All students have to solve the same tasks in both parts, but the order of questions is randomized.

When the time limit expires before solving all the tasks in the current part, the attempt is submitted automatically and the grade is evaluated according to the answers given so far.

After finishing Part 1, the second part must be started manually, as the two parts are implemented as separate Moodle quizzes.

The overall grade is determined according to the sum of scores earned in both parts (maximum 100 points):

   85–100       Excellent (5)   
   70–84.99       Good (4)   
   55–69.99       Satisfactory (3)   
   40–54.99       Sufficient (2)   
   0–39.99       Insufficient (1)   


Please note that the mid-term score will weigh 25% of the final grade of the subject: 

  • Final grade = 25% mid-term test score + 75% exam score

Also note that no aids other than a calculator are allowed for solving the midterm test. For assembly programming tasks a summary of the 8051 instruction set will be made available directly at the given task. Communication with other students is strictly prohibited during the tests!

In case of technical problems or questions related to any possible ambiguous interpretation of the tasks, you can ask the lecturers directly, who will be available during the time period of the tests. Suitable Teams meetings will be scheduled for this purpose.

A document summarizing the topics covered by the mid-term test can be found here.