Software Techniques (ENAUAB00)


Charaf Hassan Dr. fényképe

Felelős oktató

Sipos Márton fényképe

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The schedule of the semester:

  • Lectures
    • First lecture on 6 February, 2019 (Wednesday) at 10.15 in E403. (Building E is the tall one in the middle of the BME campus).
  • Laboratories
    • Every second Thursday (first one on 7 February, 2019) at 10.15 in IL.206.
    • There are altogether 7 labs in the semester
  • Homework exercises
    • There are 6 homework exercises in the semester.
    • The homework exercises are set at the end of the labs and each of them has a deadline till it has to be uploaded to this website.
    • There are detailed instructions and explanations for each of them. They can be downloaded from this site as well (e.g. Homework 1).
    • If you need consultation for the homework notify the lecturer ( in time so that you can submit (upload) the homework in time.


Requirements and results:

  • Requirements for the signature
    • Labs are mandatory, attendance is registered. Students must attend at least 6 labs out of 7. Those who visit all the labs get +2 extra points in the final exam. (One of the missed labs can be repeated on the 15th week.)
    • There is a midterm exam in the second half of the semester that needs to be passed (at least satisfactory - 2). Getting a 4 is rewarded by +4 extra points and getting a 5 is rewarded by +8 extra points in the final exam.
    • Have to solve and submit each homework exercises (there are 6 ones).
  • Final grade
    • To get a final grade one must have a signature.
    • The final exam is written in the exam period. There will be 3 exam occasions. The test is 100 points. The extra points are added to the test result. 

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