Software Techniques (ENAUAB00)


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The schedule of the semester:

  • Lectures
    • First lecture on 12 February, 2020 (Wednesday) at 10.15 in Q.BF14.
  • Laboratories
    • Two groups, alternating between odd and even numbered weeks. Students with last name (family name) between A-J must attend labs on odd weeks, students with last names between K-Z on even numbered weeks. Week numbering based on the normal calendar week numbering.
    • Thursdays (first one on 13 February, 2020, this counts as an odd numbered week) at 10.15 in Building IL206.
    • There are altogether 7 labs in the semester
  • Homework exercises
    • There are 6 homework exercises in the semester.
    • The homework exercises are set at the end of the labs and each of them has a deadline till it has to be uploaded to this website.
    • There are detailed instructions and explanations for each of them. They can be downloaded from this site as well (e.g. Homework 1).
    • If you need consultation for the homework notify the lecturer ( in time so that you can submit (upload) the homework in time.


Requirements and results:

  • Mid-term requirements
    • Labs are mandatory, attendance is registered. Students must attend at least 6 labs out of 7. Those who visit all the labs get +2 extra points in the final exam. (One of the missed labs can be repeated on the 15th week.)
    • There is a midterm exam in the second half of the semester that needs to be passed (at least satisfactory - 2). Getting a 4 is rewarded by +4 extra points and getting a 5 is rewarded by +8 extra points in the final exam. Date for midterm exam has changed since the begining of the semester and is April 16th, from 18.15 to 20.00 (Changed!). More details to follow.
    • Date for retaking the midterm is May 4th, from 10.15 to 12.00 (Changed!).
    • Due to the current situation, all exams are held online through Moodle (
    • Have to solve and submit each homework exercises (there are 6 ones).
  • Final grade
    • To get a final grade one must receive a signature by completing all mid-term requirements.
    • The final exam is written in the exam period. There will be 3 exam occasions. The test is 100 points. The extra points are added to the test result. 
  • Students from previous years who have completed ALL THREE mid-term requirements do not need to complete them again. These students must register for the special course marked in Neptun with @A and are only required to take the exam.

Academic ethics:

Due to the increasing number of breaches in the rules concerning academic ethics, this course adopts a no-warning policy. That is, students caught cheating in exams, midterm exams or homework excercises will automatically fail the course. Furthermore, cases may be brought before a disciplinary comission.

Students must respect all rules layed out by the university. A few clarifications and additions:

  • Homeworks must be completed individually. Code is checked against samples from both this and previous years. 
  • Students who have attended the course previously are allowed to hand in previously submitted homework.
  • It is forbidden to use electronic or written aids during exams and mid-term exams (refered to collectively as exam).
  • No communication is allowed between students during exams.
  • It is not allowed to have any electronic device on your person during exams. These must be stored in a bag or pocket and may not be taken out during the exam.
  • When answering an exam question, do not answer with the exact words from the teaching material. It is not necessary to learn the material by heart. The role of questions is to assess the understanding students have on the subject. Large portions of text or code recreated as is from the teaching material may be considered a proof of cheating.   

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