Balássy György fényképe

What?Where?When? kvíz döntő

Balássy György, 2013. június 29.

Dear Friends! Dear Colleagues!

We are announcing the Final Game of "What?Where?When?" Intellectual Quiz at the Dept. of Automation and Applied Informatics (BME).

Two best teams of experts - “AMORG SUPERSTARS” (captain: Fehér Marcell) and “TEAM#2” (captain: Szalóki Dávid) - will cross swords on Wednesday. The "Question Senders Team" includes Forstner Bertalan, Csorba Kristóf, Bere Anikó, Varga Dániel and others.

The Organizing Committee promises a breathtaking and unpredictable game, combining both excitement of gambling and intellectual quest with time. The round prizes will be announced at the game and presented to experts and question senders. If experts win the final game, the "Best Expert Award" will be presented to the best expert of a winning team. If "Question Senders Team" wins the game, the "Best Question Award" will be presented to the best question sender. And there is no draw situation in WWW IQ! :)

The official webpage of the game:

The Final Game will take place in QBF15 (bldg. Q, ground floor) on July 3, Wednesday, start at 15:00.

Everybody is welcome! See you at the Game!


Organizing Committee:

Dmitriy Dunaev and Csorba Kristóf