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Elérhetőség: Budapest 1117, Magyar tudósok krt. 2. Q.B124. · Térkép
Telefon: +36 (1) 463-1552

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Welcome on my homepage!


  • Electronics 2 in English language
  • Electronics 2 practice in Hungarian
  • Appliance Design (capacitors, battery cell chemistries)
  • Applied Electronics Laboratory (Passive components and DC-DC converters)
  • Project laboratory and thesis work, topics: power electronics, switching power supplies
    If you need a project in one of these projects, and can't find one on the homepage, feel free to contact me! 


Fields of research:

  • Harmonic emissions in three phase PWM inverters
    • Harmonic emissions caused by control dead-time
    • Harmonic emissions caused by flat-top modulation
  • Real-time simulation of power electronics

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