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Elérhetőség: Budapest 1117, Magyar tudósok krt. 2. Q.B236. · Térkép

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I work with Hungarian and Foreign students as a consultant for their Machine Learning topics.

Please register over here:

Here is your schedule, please adhere,

The outline of the tasks you will carry out during the semesters by week:

Week 1:  Reading and studying about the generative models each for their respective model.

here are some resources:

Deep Learning



See applications for Generative Models:

Week 2: Writing Introduction, Theoretical background, and Related Work review about your respective topic.

Week 3: Writing the 10 tasks for the remaining 10 weeks, which include model design, dataset choice.

Week 4:  Running and understanding the old code project.

Week 5:  Running and understanding the old code project.

Week 6: Coding new ideas 

Week 7: Reporting Results like this paper

Week 8:   Optimization 

Week 9:    Optimization  + Reporting again 

Week 10: Writing Presentation


For any question:

Skype me:

Please adhere to your weekly meeting if you already accept the invitation. If you haven't received an invitation from me email me and I will assign one to you.




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