Development of external modules for intermediate level obfuscator

2016-2017 tavasz

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The general purpose of obfuscation is to prevent, or at least hamper, interpretation, decoding, analysis or reverse engineering of software.

The Dept. of Automation and Applied Informatics offers a research project that deals with intermediate level obfuscation, which works with a target platform independent intermediate code. Such code is usually a description of the high-level statements with some simpler instructions that accurately represent the operations of the source code statements. It is important that this code is not executed in a real processor; it is only an internal representation of a program.

An advantage of intermediate level obfuscation is that we can create a target-independent infrastructure. It means that for each platform that needs to be supported we only have to write the “machine code to intermediate code” and “intermediate code to machine code” translators, and the obfuscator logic does not change. If we need to port our obfuscator to another platform, we only need to write another translator for a new processor. 

Your task in this project would be working out and implementing the external modules for the existing IL Obfuscator. At the present time, the obfuscator works with x86 code, but the supported platforms can be extended.


  • Angol nyelv
  • Programozásbeli jártasság (C#, .NET)
  • x86, x64 platformok ismerete
  • alacsony szintű programozási technikák ismerete

Maximális létszám: 2 fő