IoT System Management and Supervision

2016-2017 tavasz

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IoT (Internet of Things)/Industry 4.0  are the next wave in technology revolution which are expected to change our everyday life. They will have impact not only on the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector rather on all the domains (industry, agriculture, transportation, health-care, etc.). Billions of sensors will monitor our environment and diversified IoT applications/services will be built on top of the collected (big) data. To facilitate the development of such applications/services several IoT platforms have been already available, like MS Azure, Amazon AWS, GE Predix, IBM Watson, just name couple of them. However, the management and supervision of this huge amount of IoT sensors, devices will be a real challenge for the IoT service providers. Presumably, the traditional IT system management tools and techniques will not be able to cope and scale with the diversity and magnitude of the IoT systems. New techniques and tools will have to be explored and developed or at least the traditional management solutions will have to be adapted to the new challenges.

In this project, the task of the student(s) will be to identify and formulate the most essential challenges of IoT system management; overview the actual state-of-the-art IoT system management and supervision techniques and tools; and propose techniques and ideas which address the identified challenges and can be built into traditional IT management tools.

The task provides collaboration possibility with NETvisor Ltd., an SME in the domain of ICT systems integration. Moreover, the topic is appropriate to be proceeded further as a BSc/MSc thesis work.


  • basic computer network knowledge
  • programming skills
  • good communication skills in English (spoken, written)

Külső partner: NETvisor

Maximális létszám: 4 fő