Microservice operability monitoring using CachetHQ and Amazon Web Services

2018-2019 ősz


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Microservice architecture is commonly used pattern because it makes easier the continuous delivery and deployment of large, complex applications. These systems are built up from many loosely coupled, independent components that cooperate with each other. Despite many benefits of this architecture, the monitoring of these applications is a more complex task, because the loose coupling enables to dynamically change, add or remove microservices. To make sure that every functionality is currently available we should monitor that if each of the microservices are operational.

The student’s task is to evaluate the operability of the microservices of a cloud application using URL endpoints and display current statuses with a status page. If the list of the monitored microservices are changed, automatically update the displayed services. Use Amazon Web Services as the cloud provider of the solution.

a status page

Külső partner: EvoSoft

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