Agile Scrum Decisions Optimization: An Intelligent Decision Support System for Executives

2019-2020 tavasz


Téma leírása

Decision-making is a sophisticated process that should factor in the number of alternatives. Ideally, an intelligent decision support system should behave like a human consultant. The process of figuring out the consult is gathering and analyzing evidence, identifying and diagnosing problems, proposing possible courses of action, and evaluating such proposed actions. The aim of the AI ​​techniques embedded in an intelligent decision support system is to enable these tasks to be performed by a computer while emulating human capabilities as close as possible.

In this project, we want to introduce an intelligent information system that is capable of making a prediction of company activity for several years. The system will enable top management to optimize the number of product launches to maximize total profit. For planning, the system will figure the optimal plan among the alternatives. Due to the Nonlinear Optimization Model, the system will reduce the total time required to perform the tasks. We intend to provide a case study company that will utilize our system in its daily job.

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