An optimal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for Tech Startups

2019-2020 tavasz


Téma leírása

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are used to run startups and business activities in general. Traditional ERP systems, which target large organizations, facilitate business management and decision-making process. The commercial versions of such systems require high maintains due to running and customization costs. The providing companies keep control of any aspect of such software.

Such as every major software, we aim to start off an open-source ERP system, which simpler, but fair enough, for the startups to operate. Our version of the ERP system will have the properties of the commercial counterpart, however, targeting a startup daily business. We will pick a local startup as a use case and we will aim to leverage their experience.

  • python, machine learning, statistics, data analysis,image data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Heterogeneous Dataset, opencv, deep learning, Autoencoders, GANs

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