Image processing of traffic irregularities

2020-2021 tavasz


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Image processing of traffic irregularities


            Number of vehicles increases worldwide day by day. As a result, traffic jam issues become more relevant for cities. Consequently, number of traffic violations grows faster than it was before. Reduction of violation quantity may positively affect to road accidents where passengers may obtain personal injuries. Traffic control is a main condition to prevent road accidents. In recent world, vehicle control becomes more important. These improvements give appropriate results. For example, in Hungary, car accidents decreased in last 10 years. However, number traffic violations still need to be reduced. To control this problem, several solutions were introduced such traffic light timer, illumination of pedestrian crossings and others. Meanwhile, for this purpose, latest relevant technologies are applied to this sphere. In the beginning, computer-vision based systems were applied to detect speed limit violation or swerving. Also, same technologies were used to detect zebra crossing line to eliminate the danger of pedestrians. Candidate’s task is to apply visual processing techniques to control traffic irregularities. Any traffic violation will be detected based on certain traffic rules. System will distinguish traffic violations by image sequence algorithms. 

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