Z-ENG: Digital Image Processing and Machine Learning for Skincare Application

2020-2021 tavasz


Téma leírása

Skincare feels like a never-ending experiment with a complicated cycle of trial and error. It is well known that skin is an indicator, by monitoring which we can prevent various serious deceases.

Unfortunately, currently skin problems have no commonly used detection and solution algorithm. However, technological progress provides us with computational resources, which are widespread and powerful and can help us to make a huge step towards the solution of the skincare problem and make the detection of skin issues available from home for everyone.

The goal of the Project Laboratory is to build a neural network for image processing, that will detect skin problems. Since one of the most visible and wide-spread skin problem is acne, it can become the first skin problem that will be detected by the neural network.

In the frames of this Project, the students will be engaged in developing a mobile face care application that will help users to track the state of their skin. As an ultimate goal, the application can analyze the data and indicate the changes, that will help users to track changes and monitor the effects for skincare.


  • Interest towards the topic, design thinking, good command of English, programming skills

Maximális létszám: 2 fő