Z-ENG: Intelligent Decision Optimization System for Agile Scrum Project Management

2020-2021 tavasz


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Agile Scrum is a process framework that focuses on continuously delivering and sustaining complex products at the highest possible value and has been widely used for project management in software development. Scrum product development is centered around user feedback and iteratively delivering products in short development cycles called sprints. Assembling sprint goals, laying out product pathways for the next cycle requires a sophisticated decision-making process from the Scrum team that factors in number of variables. Machine learning and Natural Language Processing can assist managers and team members by automating repetitive, high-volume tasks, by supporting the decision-making process to reduce turnaround time and to increase productivity and business value of deliverables. Leveraging the capabilities of machine learning, a decision-making AI is able to gather and analyze relevant information, diagnose problems and propose possible courses of action while emulating human proficiency.

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