Z-ENG: Turn-based Multiplayer Game

2020-2021 tavasz


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Disclosure for Hungarian students: Hungarian students should apply in e-mail instead of on the portal.

The turn-based subgenre is most popular among tactics, strategy and role-playing games, although it is possible to create turn-base multiplayer management sim games also. In this project, you’ll create such a game, which tasks its players with keeping track of different aspects of managing a space station in a real-time but in a turn based manner. Each player starts out with their own space station, which houses a fixed number of occupants. All occupants can be given a job, for example one occupant can be assigned to farm gold on the gold farm on the station, another can be assigned to be a repairman who repairs the different units (like the farm) on the station, which slowly degrade over time (thus gradually losing a portion their production capacity). Another occupant can be sent to conquer, this way they can plunder gold (or suffer a timeout from being defeated) on another player’s station.

The gameplay hook is that each player has a fixed amount of time to do instant actions (like allocating occupants to jobs or buying new units for gold), but after 10 minutes a “turn” occurs, when game state is advanced for all players simultaneously: conquerors either find another player and plunder or get timed-out or keep searching; farmers accrue a steady amount of gold; repairman repair a certain amount of degradation for each unit and so on.

For this project, you’ll be using ASP.NET Core with a Blazor frontend, and you’ll implement all gameplay mechanics, user interfaces and interactions. The basic concepts of the game can be freely modified or extended, but the core turn-based mechanics should stay the same.


  • Basic knowledge of .NET and C#

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