Z-ENG: IoT development based on the ESP8266 platform

2021-2022 ősz

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The task is to develop embedded software for the ESP8266 or ESP32 platform. These modules contain a built-in wifi communication interface (station and access point), and can be programmed in C/C++.

Possible projects involve:

  • Home automation
  • Integration with Google Assistant
  • Programmable logic controller with network connectivity
  • Camera image processing using the ESP32-CAM kit
  • Sensor data logger, actuator controlling
  • etc.

Some more:

  • Simple communication framework for communicating between ESPs (ESP-NOW, not wifi), (could be a smart termostat project)
  • Nice web based interface (React or Vue? based javascript app) for a simple applciation, controlling something simple (blinds, etc)
  • Secure communication with authentication, custom one, this can also be ESP-NOW based, without https (but you can also check it out)
  • PLC-like library with a custom assembly-like language interpreter and "virtual processor" (home automation)
  • "Stove controller" project with OLED displays and a rotary encoder
  • Display (countdown) when you need to leave home to catch specific lines of the Budapest public transportation


  • C
  • C++
  • Networks

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