AI in text mining

2021-2022 tavasz

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Topic description

The task is to automatically process of incoming mail of an imaginary company. Operating a company is a system task that includes processing incoming mail as quickly as possible and, in simpler cases, responding to mail. Artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms provide an excellent area to solve this task. The purpose of the task is to automatically process the received mails. After scanning them this system ensures that the information contained in mails can be extracted and be saved. During the preparation of the task, a user interface must be developed, with the help of which the newer types of letters can be recognized, their formal and textual formats can be learned, and the older types, after type identification, can be answered, if necessary. The structure of the already taught templates should help to identify newer types, as well as to store and archive data. The topic includes the preparation of several levels of tasks, therefore it can be done in the framework of a laboratory, dissertation and diploma project. Both Hungarian and foreign language processing are possible.


  • Knowledge in AI and Deep learning

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