Z-ENG: Business Intelligence (BI) System Development

2021-2022 tavasz


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The COVID-19 crisis has shown that data is crucial to making decisions, even when it comes to health policies. The ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) gathers COVID-19 related data from EU countries and publishes them freely. The student's task is to develop a business intelligence system for processing and visualizing the data. The end-users of this business intelligence system are not the policymakers but the everyday people. The application should enable citizens of the EU to monitor the spread of COVID and other metrics extracted from the data set and presented in the form of a mobile application.

The Business Intelligence system helps people to better understand the data related to this pandemic. It will also be very beneficial for health managers to make more effective decisions based on the data visualization on the mobile app. The system plays an essential role in enhancing the data quality and valuable insights, which results in better emergency response operations to save more lives.

Tasks to be performed by the student includes:

  • Learn about business intelligence solutions available in the cloud and compare their application for the current scenario.
  • Design a business intelligence system and present its architecture.
  • Perform ETL process to extract, transform, and load data.
  • Prepare data warehouse to store data.
  • Visualize data in a mobile application. 
  • Present the final system and demonstrate its usage.

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