Developing Discrete-time Model of a Resonant Power Converter for HIL Tests

2022-2023 ősz

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In order to test the controllers of high power converters without risk, the main circuits are emulated on real-time digital devices. These so called Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) simulators receive the control signals of power switches generated by the tested controllers, and give back the sensed signals according to the modelled system dynamics. Control concepts together with implementations, protection logic can be easily tested in this way.    

The project aims to create Matlab/Simulink model of a resonant converter using the associated discrete circuit (ADC) method. The created discrete-time, fixed-point models should be suitable to generate Verilog or VHDL code for an FPGA device using the HDL coder toolbox.

Task in detail:

  • Study the ADC method to model switched-mode power circuits.
  • Study resonant DC/DC power converters and select one for further modelling.
  • Create Simpowersystems model of the selected converter with a simple control.
  • Design the discrete-time, fixed-point model of the power part for real-time HIL simulation.
  • Validate the real-time model with off-line simulations using the Simpowersystems model.
  • Study improvement possibilities, future plans.


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