Development of an energy optimizing solution for machine tools

2022-2023 ősz

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Regarding the increasing costs for electric energy and the increasing awareness of sustainability, the energy consumption becomes a competitive factor for manufacturing enterprises and vendors of machine tools. Currently it is assumed that the cost for energy consumption can take more than 100 % of the initial cost of a machine during a machine’s lifecycle.

Measurements have shown that the greatest energy consumption of the machines is not caused by the process itself, but by the base load of energy-intensive components such as hydraulic or pneumatic. Thus, it is required to switch off those components as soon as they are not used any more. However, this leads to the challenge that a machine is not immediately available for processing an order after it has been switched off because certain components are no longer in thermal equilibrium. Accordingly, the reactivation must also be controllable.

The task of this thesis is therefore to develop a mechanism for machine tools that selectively switches off essential components of a machine tool individually when they are not in use. The time-controlled switching on and warming up of the machine should also be the subject of the work. 

Külső partner: DMG MORI HEITEC Digital Kft. - Grábler Tamás

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