FPGA based Real-time HIL Simulation and Control Development of Power Converters

2022-2023 ősz

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The development of embedded control units of complex, high power systems requires effective testing environments of the controller hardware and software components. Usually in the development phase, the controller cards cannot be connected to the controlled process safely, instead Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) simulation can be applied. A hardware model of the process is created with electrically simulated sensor outputs, control inputs and the inner dynamics. In order to test the controller in real-time, fast and flexible hardware solutions e.g. FPGA based implementation of the HIL are preferred.

Tasks in detail:

  1. Study small time step modelling techniques used for switched-mode power electronic systems.
  2. Study code generation techniques in Matlab/Simulink and the avaliable FPGA and DSP hardware platform.
  3. Design the model structure for HIL simulation and control code generation.
  4. Design the HIL models of a selected power converter and develop simple controller side models.
  5. Validate the models using off-line simulations and real-time tests.
  6. Study improvement possibilities, future plans.


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