Microcontroller resource tracker and management system for safety critical embedded software

2022-2023 ősz

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Planning and tracking resource usage is essential during embedded software development, especially for bigger projects.

The main goal of this thesis is to set up an environment for resource management in a real automotive project. This environment shall support besides tracking static and dynamic microcontroller resources (e.g. RAM and ROM consumption, CPU load) any kind of metrics related to code quality and complexity.

Main tasks:

  • Understand automotive development processes, related quality requirements, and most important software metrics
  • Define database structure for storing resource data, test results, and different code metrics
  • Setup automated build environment for embedded software
  • Implement a solution for collecting build metric data and uploading them to the resource database

  • Implement notifications for metric limit violations

  • Setup dashboards for tracking trends of the collected database


During this thesis, different technologies shall be evaluated for database management, API development, scripting, automation, and visualization to be able to find optimal solutions for the supported project. Possible solutions include technologies like InfluxDB, MSSQL, REST API development, python scripting, Jenkins automation, and Grafana dashboards.

Külső partner: Knorr-Bremse

Maximális létszám: 4 fő