Speeding up radiotherapy treatment planning using GPU's

2022-2023 ősz


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The Department of Radiotherapy within the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute in Rotterdam is one of the largest clinics in the Netherlands with more than 5,500 cancer patients treated each year. Radiation therapy is part of cancer treatment to control or kill malignant cells using linear accelerators or other radioactive sources. Research aims to improve cancer care in clinical practice. The department has been at the forefront in developing automated treatment planning software. You will be part of the international research team working on iCycle, our research and clinical framework.

The treatment planning software solves non-linear optimization problems making intensive use of matrix operations. Recent developments in GPU technology promise faster execution of linear algebra operations. In this project, we test whether porting parts of our C++ code to CUDA could significantly speed up optimization algorithms.

Feel free to apply, if you have affinity to linear algebra and have at least intermediate level  C++ coding skills.

For more information, please contact András Zolnay, a.zolnay@erasmusmc.nl

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