Virtualizált környezet fejlesztése Openstack felett

2022-2023 ősz


Téma leírása

We design, build and operate Openstack based private clouds for Deutsche Telekom. We use gitlab pipelines for the cloud deployment, lifecycle management and operation as well, using the IaC approach.
The building blocks in our case are physical machines and switches, so the "infrastructure" is not virtual (in contrast with the use cases where the building blocks of the infrastructure are virtual machines). One of the biggest problem we face is the limited number of physical development environments. To mitigate this limitation, we decided to build a simulation environment on top of Openstack using an overlay between the traditional virtual machines. We can simulate L2, PXE boot, TORs, hypervisors, ceph osd nodes, etc.
The project we are searching for someone is the further development of this simulation environment.


  • linux sysadmin, qemu/kvm, docker, gitlab, openstack

Külső partner: Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net Hungary

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