Z-ENG: Development of a Departure Notifier Device based on the ESP8266 Chip

2022-2023 ősz

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The goal of the project is to develop the firmware of a device that contains an updateable timetable for public transportation (trains, trams, buses etc.) and show the closest departures, the remaining time to leave to catch the next vehicle. The software must take into account the time to get to the station, optionally get live traffic information from the internet. The timetable should be able be updated using a web interface - or downloaded by the device from a specific URL.

See similar: BKK Futar boards in tram stations.

The hardware consists of a NodeMCU module, an I2C OLED display and optionally a rotary encoder.

The firmware is developed in C/C++ in the Arduino framework, using Visual Studio Code and PlatformIO plugin.

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