Z-ENG: Development of a React-based web interface for the ESP8266 microcontroller

2022-2023 ősz

Hardver (és szoftver firmware)

Téma leírása

The goal of the project is to get to know the Reack (hooks) based framework and the Senmantic-UI-React library and create a general, easy to use interface for the ESP. The project also involves the development of an extensible backend part.

Some main features

  • Setup WiFi, SSIDs, Easy setup using the AP features, reconnection, ESP-NOW parameters, scheduling, time etc.
  • Provide non applications specific, general GUI elements on the frontend described by the backend application. This would allow to develop applications without the need to write frontend code for simple interfaces.
  • Application specific interfaces - the host (microcontroller) provides a descriptor of what components to show in the client, so that a simple custom configurable page can be created without touching the client code.

See React Hooks: https://reactjs.org/docs/hooks-intro.html

There are similar projects, but they are based on the older component based version of React. (https://github.com/rjwats/esp8266-react)

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