Z-ENG: Development of a Reconfigurable Automation Library for the ESP Microcontroller

2022-2023 ősz

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The goal of the project is to develop a simple and clean reusable library that can be used for simple automation purposes, imagine a simplified software PLC. Other functions can be implemented in the microcontroller code, the goal is to implement this functionality as a library.

The library consists of a simple interpreter (that processes a custom assembly-like source text file), a virtual processor (that exectures instructions) and a set a virtual peripheries. This source (script) file contains a device configuration description and a list of instructions with arguments. The processor exectures instruction defined in the source C code. The instructions can be extended by the developer (new ones can be registered). The processor handles a list of variables. Virtual peripheries must be implemented (gpio, timer, communication) and must also be simply extended by the developer. Peripheries and the cpu communicate through variables or specific instructions. The library should provide a simple web interface for updating the user code (script).

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