High Performance Multi-channel Electrical Power Converters

2022-2023 tavasz

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The number of the consumer electric devices, requiring low-voltage dc supply has recently been continuously increasing in the households and offices (notebooks, cell phones, printers, electric shavers, digital cameras, etc.). The lack of rigorous standardization implies that the necessary supply voltage levels of these consumers considerably vary in the range of approx. 2-20VDC. The existing distribution systems use multiple conversions of electrical energy from the mains grid to the final load (through often low quality ac/dc adapters) resulting in severe losses, poor efficiency and unreliable operation. The current project focuses on multi-channel dc-dc converters. The one input/multiple output converters are supplied from a dc line, while the output voltages of the converter channels are automatically determined by the intelligence in the load.

Study the literature of advanced, low power (1 W - 250W) dc.dc converters.
Study the multichannel dc-dc conversion systems.
Design new circuits and propose control strategies.
Confirm the theoretical results by computer simulations and laboratory tests.

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