KUKA robot tesztkörnyezet refaktorálása

2023-2024 tavasz


Téma leírása

KUKA WPF Interface is a Robot Framework package for KUKA testers, which supports UI Automation of WPF applications and KUKA specific interfaces e.g. Cross. As this package was not intended for such use case, new features made the package unmaintainable over time. The current architecture is not suitable for such complex package, which became a test framework. For further development a complete refactor of the project is necessary.

The project should be refactored with modern technologies, but it should also remain backward compatible as massive test code bases have been developed using the library.

The software should be developed in a rapid prototype way, as it is being used and developed continuosly. Developing a prototype makes our team able to develop new features, while I finish the refactoring.

The tasks for this thesis work are the following:
1. Create concept for refactoring
2. Create detailed architecture for the library
3. Design Protocol Buffer files for C# API
4. Implement gRPC services (and rework existing implementations)
5. Create wrapper client for SmartHMI
-------- END OF RAPID DEVELOPMENT -------- 

6. Create wrapper client for iiQWorks.Sim
7. Rework Polarion documents
8. Compare speed to old library
(Optional) 9. Create adapter for old rpc API
10. Create integration tests
11. Create unit tests


  • C#, WPF és robotikai alapismeretek

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