Z-ENG: Augmented-Reality Applications (AR/XR)

2023-2024 tavasz


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Augmented reality is a technology that virtually places a 3D visual into a “real-world” experience. This gives the user the appearance that the virtual object co-exists with them in the physical world. 

AR is often used in gaming, bringing a more realistic experience to gamers and engaging more senses. But it's also helpful in the shopping experience. 

Think about it this way: Shopping online is limited to product photos. Occasionally, there's a video or 360-degree image, but that's not common place. Compare that to an AR experience—you can see how a hat looks on your head or how a table fits in your kitchen. example:   https://youtu.be/UudV1VdFtuQ

The preferred candidate for this topic would be someone with good C# and Unity skills. If you feel that this topic suits you, think of an idea you want to implement (it could be a game, lecturer or medical assistant, or hiking assistant, ..), write a description about it with a description about yourself and your skills and send it to me.


  • C#, Unity

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