Z-ENG Creating a domain-specific language

2023-2024 tavasz

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Domain-specific languages (DSLs) are textual or graphical languages create for a single domain only. Unlike general purpose languages, DSLs are heavily limited in their scope. 

The task here is to find an existing DSL, or create a new one and create either an environment for editing the models of the language, or a processor that produces some kind of output from the models (e.g. a code generator that generates JS code from your language). You can choose any DSL (from the business world (e.g. workflow languages) domain, computer games, home automation, custom scriptting purposes, etc.), thus, the task is rather flexible. The language can be visual or textual. You can use the Blockly, or the Eclipse environment for graphical languages, or ANTLR  to create a compiler for a textual language. It is up to you.

You do not need to know anything about compilers or modeling/DLSs when signing up to this topic.  However, I expect you to be able to read documentation in English and work individually on the project. Moreover, basic programming skills are required, since modeling and model processing requires these skills. 

Weekly consultiation and writing documentation in each four weeks is required


  • English, programming skills

Maximális létszám: 2 fő


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