Z-ENG Development of Web-based Conference Management System

2023-2024 tavasz

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A conference management system (CMS) is a system that allows researchers to organize a variety of paper submission and review processes. Initially developed for conferences only, such systems can be used for journal special issues, workshops, grant proposal reviews, competitions, meetings, and teaching academic peer review techniques to students.

EasyChair is one of the most popular choices for organizers of academic conferences and can be named a good option with a freemium model. It has been used since 2002 in the scientific community for tasks such as organizing research paper submissions and reviews. One of the biggest disadvantages of EasyChair is the tool’s monetary policy – the basic version is free only for up to 20 submissions, which does not cover even a small-scale conference.

Microsoft CMT is another conference management system available on the market. Top academic conferences regularly use it to peer review 5000+ papers. We could also name such CMS tools as openconf.com, conference-service.com, and wikicfp.com, however, their services are either limited or not free.

Automation and Applied Computer Science Workshop is a workshop at the AUT Department aiming to provide a forum for the Ph.D. student community to discuss their research results. To successfully organize and elaborate the workshop, there is a need for an appropriate CMS, which would perfectly suit the needs of the specific event.

The task of the student in the first semester would be:

  • studying CMS available on the market
  • studying the organizational and reviewing process of the AACS
  • working out an architecture (backend, frontend) for the AACS CMS
  • development of the AACS CMS


The task of the student in the second semester would be:

  • working out and implementing the Admin, Reviewer, and Author dashboards, and the Default webpage
  • working out and implementing the conference paper journey (backend+fronted)
  • implementing the security mechanisms (authentication, authorization)
  • deploying the website
  • testing the website and constantly fine-tuning and improving it during the AACS24 event
  • drawing the conclusions, final updates based on the AACS24 experiences

Consultations are offered in English, the CMS interface is English.

The topic - with necessary extensions, e.g. security considerations, and development of a mobile application - can be continued as a Thesis Project.


  • Interest in the topic, knowledge of modern techniques in backend and frontend web programming, good command of English

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