Z-ENG: Development of a Password Manager Device using ESP32-C3 Microcontroller

2023-2024 tavasz

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The goal of the project is to develop a password manager device, that stores a set of usernames and passwords encrypted on an esp32 device. This device provides both a web interface (to configure, manage passwords) and a bluetooth keyboard interface that "types" in a selected username/password combination to a PC / smartphone.


-Encrypted password (data) storage (symmetric key: chacha20 recommended, library is available)

-String to keycode conversion for keyboard typing emulation

-Web interface (React based, starting guide available) using WiFi or Bluetooth Low Energy, or Desktop client with serial communication

Additionally an OLED display and rotary encoder can be connected to the device as well for independent operation, or a display with touch capabilities.

Bluetooth keyboard library is available: https://github.com/T-vK/ESP32-BLE-Keyboard

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