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In the AUTOSAR standard, diagnostics provides vehicle condition monitoring through various services and routines. These services and routines are summarized in a so-called .cdd (CANdelaStudio diagnostic description) file. The cdd file also contains information about the parameters of the protocols used for diagnostics, the various error codes (DTCs) and their descriptions.

During development, it is important to periodically make sure that the diagnostics work as expected. Regression testing is usually used for this purpose, one of the pillars of which can be running test cases generated from the .cdd file. During these tests, basic functions are tested, such as whether the returned value conforms to the format specified in the .cdd file.

The student's task is to create a software into which the .cdd file is browsed and generates CAPL code to test the diagnostic services. The software must also support the user to modify parameters prior to generation, which must be taken into account during code generation.

To complete the assignment, the student has to get acquainted with vehicle diagnostics in an AUTOSAR environment, various diagnostic protocols (ISO 14229-1 (UDS), SAE J1979 (OBDII)) and the structure of the .cdd file.

To solve the task, the student receives help from the staff of the Continental AI Development Center.

If you are interested in the topic, be sure to contact Dávid Sik by email before applying, indicating the selected topic, training level, major and the planned project subject.

Külső partner: Continental Autonomous Mobility Hungary

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