Z-ENG: Optimization and Analysis of PUF CRP Quality Using Machine Learning and Statistical Technique

2023-2024 tavasz


Téma leírása

A Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) is a hardware security primitive that functions similarly to a one-way function, producing a unique output in response to a given input. The input-output combinations of a PUF are called Challenge-response pairs (CRPs).

This project aims to enhance the security and effectiveness of Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) by optimizing and analyzing the quality of Challenge-Response Pairs (CRPs) generated by PUFs. PUFs, especially Ring Oscillator (RO) PUFs, are integral in hardware security as they provide a unique and unclonable identity for each device. However, the reliability and security of PUFs largely depend on the quality of CRPs they generate. By employing machine learning and statistical analysis techniques, this project seeks to identify and select the most reliable and secure CRPs from a set generated by PUFs. The chosen CRPs should exhibit high uniqueness, uniformity, and resistance to modeling attacks, thus ensuring a robust security framework.

You are not required to have any previous knowledge of PUF performance and operation. In addition, I can provide you with data (Binary numbers of the PUF output) necessary for the work.

If you think that you are interested in such a topic and would like it, you can contact me for further discussion. 


  • At least good knowlegde in: (1) Python programming or Matlab GUI and programming (2) Data analysis (3) Machine learning

Maximális létszám: 2 fő