Z-ENG: Secure automotive software update using cryptography

2023-2024 tavasz

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In the automotive industry, reliable and secure software updates for vehicle embedded systems are vital. These updates enable manufacturers and their suppliers to address failures, improve functionality, and adapt to industry standards without physical recalls. The compromised software is responsible for verifying the authenticity and integrity of the update, reducing the risk of tampering and unauthorized modification. A well-built boot system is as important a part of the final production product as the function itself, for which the embedded system is responsible.

Cryptography provides a strong mechanism for ensuring the integrity and authenticity of software updates. The use of cryptographic techniques such as digital signatures, security keys, data compression, checksum calculation are all becoming increasingly important and are an indispensable part of automotive software development.  

The student's task is to delve into the field of secure software updating and cryptography and to compare different possible solutions related to bootloader and application updates. After comparing the solutions, the student has to choose a process that is ideal from the point of view of the demo application he has devised, and present the elements responsible for each sub-process at system level. On a development tool chosen and available by him, taking into account its hardware cryptographic capabilities, he must implement the chosen solution, analyze its possible shortcomings and suggest further development possibilities of the system.  

It is not a requirement that the selected microcontroller has a hardware cryptographic module if the student considers that he or she can choose a software solution.

To solve the task, the student receives help from the staff of the Continental AI Development Center.

If you are interested in the topic, be sure to contact Dávid Sik by email before applying, indicating the selected topic, training level, major and the planned project subject.

Külső partner: Continental Autonomous Mobility Hungary

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