History of the Department

The Department of Automation was founded by Frigyes Csáki in 1961, after the separation of the Special Electrical Maschines and Automation Department headed by Ottó Benedikt. Frigyes Csáki, Frigyes Andor, Róbert Tuschák and István Nagy were some of the most notable members of this department. Around this time Ottó Benedikt took a key role in founding AKI (Automation Research Institute), which was the predecessor of SZTAKI (Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences).

Some key events in the history of the department:

  • 1961: the Department of Automation is founded
  • 1963: separation of the Process Control Department
  • 1969: The department moves to building V2
  • 1977: death of Frigyes Csáki, Imre Ipsits becomes the head of the department
  • 1978-94: Róbert Tuschák is the head of the department
  • 1994-: István Vajk is the head of the department
  • 1996: integration of the Electrotechnology Department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2000: the name of the department is changed to Department of Automation and Applied Informatics
  • 2002: the IT group of the department moves into building I
  • 2010: the whole department moves to building Q