Data-driven Systems (ENVIAUAC01)

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Lecures: Tuesdays 10.15, location: Q.BF15

Seminars: according to schedule below, Wednesdays 14.15, location: I.L206


  • Lectures
    • Attendance not required, but desired. Everything mentioned during lectures may come up on the tests, even if not mentioned on published slides.
    • Please arrive on time, or do not come at all.
  • Seminars
    • Attendance to seminars min. 70% of classes (minimum of 4).
    • Please arrive on time, or do not come at all.
      • Comming late is not tolerated. The instructor has the right to deny entry in case of arriving late.
  • Midterm test
    • Minimum requirement is 40%.
    • Extra point for the final exam if the score is high.
      • 80% or above: +3 points
      • 90% or above: +5 points
  • Written exam at the end of the semester.
  • Final grade is calculated by summing the exam points and the extra points obtained during the semester. The final grade is: 0-19p fail, 20-27p pass, 28-34p satisfactory, 35-41p good, 42-50p very good.

Lecture and seminar materials

Available after login; use the link in the upper right corner "Bejelentkezés".

Semestes schedule 2019 fall

Week Lecture (Tuesday 10.15 QBF15) Seminar (Wednesday 14.15 IL206)
1 2019.09.10 Tue Introduction, 3-tier architecture, transactions 2019.09.11 Wed Transactions
2 2019.09.17 Tue SQL language, server-side programming    
3 2019.09.24 Tue Data dictionaries, XML, JSON, Linq 2019.09.25 Wed T-SQL
4 2019.10.01 Tue no class    
5 2019.10.08 Tue O/R mapping, Entity Framework 2019.10.09 Wed Entity Framework
6 2019.10.15 Tue NoSQL, MongoDB, Query optimization    
7 2019.10.22 Tue Data access in Java, JPA, JavaEE 2019.10.23 Wed no class
8 2019.10.29 Tue Data access in Java, JPA, JavaEE    
9 2019.11.05 Tue midterm test (during class) 2019.11.06 Wed MongoDB
10 2019.11.12 Tue no class    
11 2019.11.19 Tue repeated midterm test (during class) 2019.11.20 Wed JPA
12 2019.11.26 Tue Web service and REST API    
13 2019.12.03 Tue Web service and REST API 2019.12.04 Wed REST
14 2019.12.10 Tue consultation - on demand (register in email)    

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