Client Side Technologies (ENVIAUAC02)


Kővári Bence Dr. fényképe

Tárgy hivatalos adatlapja:

The schedule of the semester:

  • Lectures
    • Every Monday at 10:15 in QBF14 (first one on 6th February 2017)
    • Every second Wednesday at 8:15 in QBF14 (starting from 8th February 2017)
  • Laboratories
    • Every second Wednesday at 8:15 in QB237 (starting from 15th February 2017)
    • There are altogether 6 labs in the semester
  • Midterm exam
    • 19th April, 8:30, QBF14

Requirements and results:

  • Requirements for the signature
    • Labs are mandatory, attendance is registered. At least 5 out of 6 labs have to be attended. (One of the missed labs can be repeated in the 15th week.)
    • There is a midterm exam that needs to be passed (at least satisfactory - 2). 
    • Have to solve all the tasks given at the lab and upload the report till the end of the actual week.
  • Final grade
    • To get a final grade one must have a signature.
    • You can get 0-4 points for each uploaded lab report. The points for your best 5 lab reports will be added to your final score
    • You can get 0-20 points at the midterm exam. These points will be added to your final score 
    • The final exam is written in the exam period. There will be 3 exam occasions. You can get 0-60 points for the exam, but you must reach at least 24 points
    • Your points from the lab reports, midterm exam and final exam will be added together resulting in 0-100 points
    • Your final grade is calculated as follows
      • 0-49: 1 (insufficient)
      • 50-59: 2 (sufficient)
      • 60-69: 3 (satisfactory)
      • 70-84: 4 (good)
      • 85-100: 5 (excellent)

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