Software Development Laboratory 2 (ENVIAUAD01)

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General Information

Basic knowledge of modern software development techniques, especially client-side programming techniques.

Required/ suggested previous courses
Software Development Laboratory 1, Software Technology (IIT), Software Techniques (AUT)

Synopsis and Objectives
This laboratory course continues the exposition of methods and tools of software development. The main goal is the introduction of client-side technologies together with integration and control techniques. The objective is to practice and deepen the theoretical knowledge with laboratory experiments. The laboratory class provides an opportunity to apply and investigate theoretical and conceptual knowledge obtained within previous courses.

Syllabus of the Course

  1. 26th September (Thursday), 8:30, Room IL207
    XAML -1 
  2. 11th October (Friday), 8:15, Room IB413
    Held by the Department of Measurement and Information Systems
  3. 18th October (Friday), 8:15 Room IB413
    Held by the Department of Measurement and Information Systems
  4. 24th October (Thursday), 8:30 Room IL207
    XAML 2 
  5. 7th November (Thursday), 8:30, Room IL207
  6. 21th November (Thursday), 8:30, Room IL207
  7. 5th December (Thursday), 8:30, Room IL207


In lecture term:

  • show up prepared for the laboratory classes (study Students' Guide prior to the lab);
  • actively participate in the solution of laboratory tasks, follow the instructor and effectively perform personal tasks;
  • the Laboratory Report should be delivered to the lab instructor till the end of the week;
  • each laboratory class is graded separately from the others;
  • the final grade is computed as the ratio of the sum of all grades by the total number of laboratory classes;
  • the course failed if 2 or more laboratory classes are graded with "Fail", or the student does not present himself on more than 2 classes

There are no requirements for the exam term.

Missed Assignments Information

One laboratory class can be retaken. To do this, please contact your laboratory instructor no later than on the 13-th tuition week and ask for instructions regarding the repetition lab.

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