Business intelligence laboratory (ENVIAUMB00)

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  • The course has 7 laboratories. See the schedule below.
  • Most laboratories will require you to work individually on the assignments.
  • You must prepare for the laboratories. Use the laboratory exercises and related material listed below, and also review what you have learned about the specific topic before.
  • During the laboratories you must complete the exercises, and hand in the solutions, as well as any related material, as requested by the teacher.
  • Completing a laboratory requires you to arrive on time, be present during the class, and submit the solutions at the end of the lab, or by the end of the week.
    • The laboratories begin at 8.15. If you are late, you disturb the class, the instructor, and you peers. Therefore, arriving late to the laboratories is sanctioned by considering you absent.
    • Please refer to the attendance requirements as specified by the BME code of studies; see Title 67.
    • Exceptions are laboratories "MSSQL" and "Elasticsearch". These laboratories are completed as homework, and optional consulation is offered during the class (thus no attendace requirement).
  • Your solutions will be graded.
  • If you are not present at a laboratory, you cannot submit your solution - except for laboratories "MSSQL" and "Elasticsearch".

Final grade

  • If absence from the total number of practical and laboratory practice lessons ex-ceeds thirty per cent, the credits for the subject cannot be obtained. See the BME code of studies; see Title 68.
  • The final grade is the averge grade of laboratories. (Non-completed laboratory is calculated with grade 1.)
Accessing the exercises and other course material
Please log in using the "Bejelentkezés" in the top right corner.


Scheduling and laboratory location

Week Date  Tuesday 08.15-12.00
    topic location teacher
1 2020.02.11 no class    
2 2020.02.18 no class    
3 2020.02.25 NoSQL   Sik Dávid
4 2020.03.03 BPMN   Kövesdán Gábor
5 2020.03.10 Pandas + Jupíter   Kovács Ádám / Ács Judit
6 2020.03.17 Data visualization   Jánoky László
7 2020.03.24 Pentaho   Jánoky László
8 2020.03.31 MSSQL homework Dudás Ákos
9 2020.04.07 Elasticsearch homework Dudás Ákos

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