Remote final exam


General information 

You should prepare a 10 minutes long presentation for the final exam, that summarizes your work. At the end, you should answer the written questions of the reviewer in additional 1-3 minutes.

The final exam committee will sit in BME Building Q. You will be invited into a Teams chat at the time of your final exam, which will consist of the members of the final exam committee. You should do your presentation first (by using screen sharing), answer the questions of the committee, and then you will be asked to take your two oral exams.

Preparations for the remote final exam

  • Please make sure that all the below requirements are met for the final exam:
    • You must have a computer with a stable internet connection, able to transmit video and audio stream
    • A webcam, that should be switched on during the whole procedure
    • A microphone, that should be switched on during the whole procedure
    • If there is no echo during your typical remote chats (this is typically the case for most laptops), then you should not wear a headset. If you encountered echo problems before, make sure you use a headset.
    • You should make sure, you are alone in the room. No audience is allowed during the final exam.
    • You should be running Teams (download the application, the web based version will be not enough) and be logged on with your email address.
  • Your presentation should be ready to start
  • You should be ready to connect 15 minutes before your schedule, as the exam may start earlier
  • Please upload your presentation at least a day before your exam here. (click on the green cross, then select the file and click on the green button)
  • Please test your local setup (audio, video, screen sharing etc.) with one of your friends!
  • There is a Teams channel for technical questions, if you have some. You may also contact the secretary of your section (whose name was emailed to you) on the day of your finale exam. If none of these channels work, you may always ask questions at

Final exam procedure



  • the president, a member and the secretary will be present in person on the exam
  • some of your examiners will connect remotely to the exam using Teams
  • your supervisor may attend your final exam through Teams


  • you will receive the connection link for a teams meeting prior to the exam. Don't worry, if you can't find it. In that case the secretary will invite you into the meeting at the scheduled start of your final exam. Please make sure your Teams client is running and connected at least 15 minutes before the exam, as your exam may start a bit earlier than scheduled. Note, that after joining the meeting, you must wait in the lobby, till the secretary admits you.
  • you will be asked to present your work in 10 minutes (presentation with screen sharing)
  • you will be asked to answer the written questions of the reviewer
  • you will be asked to answer the oral questions of the committee
  • you will be asked to take two oral exams from the subjects, you have chosen previously
  • your webcam and microphone should be turned on during the whole procedure
  • the procedure should (and will) not be recorded in any form
  • you won't need any writing instrument, as the questions can all be answered without visual aids
  • at the end of the second exam, you will be asked to leave the team meeting for a few minutes, then, the secretary will admit you back for the announcement of results
Remote exam setup

Special regulations